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About Time

Stephan Mathieu / Le Synchronomètre / Tape That

TH 24.09 2009 — 20:00

Stephan Mathieu Process
Stephan Mathieu's Process is about time that seems to stand still. Starting from Orson Welles' film adaptation of Frans Kafka's classic Der Prozess, Mathieu employs the assistance of old mechanical turntables, a renaissance keyboard, six-channel vintage speakers and a 16mm loop, to create a peaceful state in which time operates within a fixed cocoon.

Le Synchronomètre
Le synchronomètre is a screening composed in collaboration with the French artist Jean-Philippe Convert, consisting of short films, YouTube clips, independent video, sound work and rudimentary forms of animation. The series embarks from the fact that synchronization is a shaky principle, especially in cinema, because the medium of motion dissects based on the rapid succession of static images. Time is par défaut visible when the metronomes of picture and sound hesitate between a false start and a photo finish, between numerical precisions on the one hand and Zeno's inevitable paradoxes on the other. Le synchronomètre is an argument ab absurdo, which aims to show that some movements of time contain meanings that an atomic clock would have a hard time explaining.

That Tape Catalogue Vol. 2 (Première)
That Tape is a duo consisting of artists Christophe Meier Hans and Koen Nutters that have fully utilised the potential of sound recordings. Their latest work, Catalogue, consists of hundreds of composed miniature pieces - object sounds, field recordings, samples, microphone and speaker manipulations – from which they give an impressive cut & splice performance.