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Tranche de Vie

Hans Bryssinck & Diederik Peeters / Jelle Clarisse & Sarah Dhont / Christoph De Boeck / Carl De Smet & Dolores Hulan / Laurent Dupont-Garitte / Mette Edvardsen / Julia Eckhardt & Aernoudt Jacobs / Kunst & Zwalm 2009 / Thomas Gevaert / SoundImageCulture 09

TH 17.12 2009 — 19:00
FR 18.12 2009 — 20:00

Tranche de Vie reveals residences at Netwerk for what they are: living organisms in different stages of development. The event depicts practices that have evolved from isolated empirical research to the point of interaction with the public, which is essential for further development. Tranche de Vie: experimental, hybrid and unconditioned.

Th 17 December 2009
Soundimageculture 09 focuses on documentary makers with a broad anthropological vision and a remarkable sense of experimentation. Thursday the results of the 2009 master class will be displayed. A mix of new and more familiar names: Nathalie Zaccai Reyners, Mieke Witkamp, Charlotte Gregoire, Angelo Vermeulen, Annemie Maes, Luke Moody, Marta Kuzca, Marie Gehin and Nadine Wanono. Screening Sound . Image . Culture / SIC

Fr 18 December 2009
Hans Bryssinck & Diederik Peeters present Zanahoria as a sneak preview: a lecture-performance that deals with the constant oscillation between hope and expectations and inevitable disappointment. Central is the search for images and how they can be activated: an experimental study that takes place in east and west, the boundary between intuition and ignorance. Zanahoria reports on the treacherous gap between images that reflect anticipation and those that reflect reality. In early 2010 this piece will be premiered in the Bourse Theatre in Brussels.

Christoph De Boeck gives insight to his latest project Staalhemel. The installation transfers the brainwaves of the audience to rhythmic patterns. Small hammers, spanning the area, tap upon steel extensions, dominate the space, so the energy of the brain is translated into a spatial and tactile experience. De Boeck will show a demo version.

Choreographers Mette Edvardsen and Philippe Beloul explore the book as a medium that is dominated by time, space and intimacy. Every now and then is a representation that unfolds like the pages of a book, while the readers / viewers simultaneously monitor what happens on stage. In short: the intimacy of reading in an unusual combination with the collective experience of watching.

During their last residency Julia Eckhardt & Aernoudt Jacobs completed the recording of Playground G, a piece for viola and "manipulated" objects. In a set-up that looks like a laboratory, various materials (glass, wood, water, clay, paper, metal and ice) are converted to sound transmitters: the water vibrates; the paper absorbs, ... in response to the increased, variable frequencies of the violin. Spectators may simultaneously hold and move the objects themselves, so that their contact upon the transmission and manipulation further impacts the sound.

During this event, the catalogue of the latest edition of Kunst & Zwalm 2009 will be presented, with contributions from Rene Kockelkorn, an independent curator and writer from Luxembourg, and Wim Van Mulders, author of numerous contributions on contemporary art and former teacher at the Academy of Ghent.

Continuous th & fr
Netwerk maintains good ties with L'H du Siège, an exhibition space in Valenciennes, where JCNSD, aka Jelle Clarisse & Sarah Dhont, stayed in residence this spring. They present Catastrophe à Valenciennes, an explosive roundup of their project there, which explores the boundary between “closure” and decay.

Laurent Dupont-Garitte, who until last year studied at the ERG and soon in residence at Wiels, will show recent video work. A camera follows the uncertain movements of swirling smoke signals within the artist’s studio, as they gently disperse throughout the chamber.

'Qualia' are the individual building blocks of our perception, indivisible “atoms” that are usually considered non-communicable for the subjective and unverifiable. How does the colour red appear to you? Carl De Smet & Dolores Hulan extrapolate that subjective perception to a choreographic miniature universe. This video installation shows what the audience normally only experience with closed eyes, the invisible power of an intimate performance through which story, emotion and image blur into one dynamic process.

Thomas Gevaert, an ERG student last year, shows Jacqueline Mesmaeker, a video portrait of his meeting with the actual artist in 2008, as a modest display of artistic questions and reflections over the generations.