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If I Can't Dance

Frederik De Wilde / Dolores Hulan & Carl De Smet / Christophe Meierhans & Anna Rispoli / Barbara Mavro Thalassitis

FR 10.10 2008 — 20:00

If I Can’t Dance presents four performances of artists who develop their work in the margins of visual art. Practices closely related to film and dance are combined with aspects of video and installation art. The performances took shape during the residencies at Netwerk. This event is a concentrated public moment of these residencies.

Frederik De Wilde
Zoning #1 is de titel van Frederik De Wildes gedeconstrueerde weergave van het Europese cultuurlandschap. De video- en geluidsinstallatie creëert een sfeer van onbestemde ‘suspense’. De kunstenaar werkt aan de hand van fieldrecordings een gesyncopeerde versie van het landschap uit: de installatie toont zo een minimale, audiovisuele omgeving die tegelijk naar ‘film noir’ en landschapsschilderkunst refereert.

Dolores Hulan & Carl De Smet
Performing Qualia, a performance and research project of the choreographer Dolores Hulan and artist/designer/architect Carl De Smet, focuses on the question how qualia (the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena) determinate body movements.

Christophe Meierhans & Anna Rispoli
FAR WESTERN / THE PITCH is a lecture performance in which Christophe Meierhans & Anna Rispoli present their project in which they will shoot a Western in Khartoum with a Sudanese cast, like a classical Hollywood film project presentation. In cooperation with Ismael Taha, movie director.
In cooperation with Vooruit and Lettera27

Barbara Mavro Thalassitis
Still Alive is a choregraphic interpretation of a still life. Thalassitis doesn't start from the point of view of a pictural genre, but sees a still life as a living, animated set of objects de désir.