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For Your Eyes Only / Jos Steen / Mark Bain / Thomas Ankersmit & Valerio Tricoli


SA 07.06 2008 — 14:00

continous | exhibition
Cabinet of Imagination
An exhibition has become a concentrated space, where concepts such as time and space are more intense. Different situations, intertwining fictional and social (‘real’) elements, are put together, which gives an incredible potential to combine unlimited perspectives in the same space. By the same token, an exhibition can create a special moment in which the visitor is able to cross
over and face different situations happening in other contexts and other moments. Historical, political and social elements are fused together with everyday life and the imaginary.
The title Cabinet of Imagination refers to a particular space that, even if small, has the potential to integrate different elements to create meaningful situations. The artists are making a space within the space, a reality inside another reality; like a game of Chinese boxes, where observation is the only compass.

Netwerk Museum
The Netwerk Museum includes a number of works which artists donated since the start of the gallery. Small and always changing exhibitions were made with this collection in the past.

continuous | screening
For Your Eyes Only
For Your Eyes Only is the title of a publication and a screening compilated by Hilde Teerlinck, head of FRAC Nord-pas-de-Calais in Dunkercke. This series, also screened on the videofestival LOOP in Barcelona, shows recent to very recent work by known and lesser known videoartist They made reflections about youth, intimacy, music and the strange ways of history.

L.A. Raeven (NL), Love knows many faces, 2005
Dmitri Makhomet (BY), Malye Azerki, 2006
Javier Téllez (MX), One Flew Over the Void, 2005
Anna Klamroth (DE), Sportfrei, 1999
Deimantas Narkevicius (LI), Disappearance of a Tribe, 2005
Ellen Cantor (US) & John Cussans (GB), Whithby Weekender Dance Lesson, 2006
Margot Zanni (CH), Double Take, 2005

4 pm | guided tour
Guided tour through Cabinet of Imagination & Salon Aalst
Following the guided tour through Cabinet of Imagination, Paul Gees guides you through a personal selection of the project Art in the City.

6 pm
La Petite Faim
After the guided tours, you can eat something at Netwerk.

6.30 pm | concert
Jos Steen (BE)
Jos Steen is a surrealistic bluesman often compared to Captain Beefheart. He combines raw voices, bluesy licks, poly rythmical improvisations, 'non instruments' (like a vacuum cleaner) and tape compositions into a spectacular dadaistic party. Recently he released the CD World Music Vol.2 with, in his own words, invented etnic music from imagined countries. Last year he released the LP Music for Tape and Turntable on the notorious underground-label Ultra Eczema.
In Netwerk he and his female ally Geneviève D'Artevelle (harmonica) will present an excelling example of street-music.

8 pm | concert
Mark Bain (US)
Mark Bain (°1966, lives and works in Amsterdam) is an American Sound artist working on the common ground between sound, psychoacoustics, architecture and public space. Recently he performed the work Soundhouse (13/05/08) in which he tried to collapse an empty house in Genk by exposing it to heavy, infrasonic sound. Eventually the house didn’t collapse, but it started to ‘sing’.
As an extension of the participation in Cabinet of Imagination, he will perform Archisonic, a project for which he uses the Netwerk building as an instrument.

9.30 pm | concert
Thomas Ankersmit & Valerio Tricoli (NL/IT)
The in Berlin living Thomas Ankersmit combines abstract alto saxophone with spastic syntheziser en laptop improvisation. He also builds space related installations. Together with Valerio Tricoli, an electro acoustic composer, and also a radical improvisator on analogue gear, Ankersmit reflects on the point where the temporary of sound meets the domain of memory.