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SIC 2010

Lola Pauwels / Tine Guns / Ségolène Neyroud / Susanne Weck / Sandra Sykorova

TU 26.04 2011 — 19:30

During this evening the students of SIC 2010 will present their film project. SIC is a theoretical and practical seminar for which ten participants are invited based upon their personal audiovisual projects. Central to the seminar is the questioning of the relationship between author, subject and viewer.

Besides presenting the projects of the students, SIC laureates Eric Pauwels, An van.Dienderen and Rudi Maerten will program a film their personal choice every two weeks.

Memory Blossoms Tine Guns (12')
In 'Memory Blossoms' Tine Guns explores the links between recording and memory. This film is not in search of a narrative. Rather, the images themselves are understood as a way of thinking. Our view is strengthened by an oblique sound treatment that challenges the film’s editorial welding. A past environment is manifested into the intimacy of the current moment. This associative pries its way through the memory. - Wim Lambrecht

Tine Guns lives and works in Ghent.

Little sister Segolène Neyroud (33')
Little sister is an intimate and poetic documentary. Anne-Sophie was born deaf. During one summer, her sister uses a camera to document the relationship between them. The film follows the distance between their childhood and the present. Ségolène lives and works in Nancy.

Gimka and Golka and me Susanne Weck (installation)
For many years the children's book Gimka und Golka formed a dream of Africa for Susanne. For this film and installation Susanne visits Cameroonian community upon which the book is based. Susanne began her research and received much information from the people who made the book in the 1970’s. Susanne lives and works in Berlin.

L'une et l'autre Lola Pauwels (36')
Pauwels tells her personal story through the choices made by other women. She lives and works in Brussels.