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Hou Chien Cheng / Ieva Epnere / Elena Sorokina / Lovely Andrea (Hito Steyerl)

TU 27.03 2012 — 20:00

The film+nights are the perfect occasion for art­ists to broaden the context of their work. during debates, lectures and book presentations they explain their work, driven by the question of how they approach the leitmotif of “identity” within their artistic practice. Each film+ evening will end with an appropriate film.

This film + evening features the recent video work of Hou Chien Cheng and Ieva Epnere, with special focus on how they approach the concept of identity their work. Elena Sorokina will moderate the debate.

In the film Lovely Andrea (2007) Hito Steyerl is in Tokyo searching for a bondage photo for which she posed twenty years ago. At that time the nawashibari photography was a part of the city’s dark circles. Through wild associations, Steyerl places her experience in a larger context of corruption, dependence and power, in which Spiderman and Guantanamo Bay also arise. Steyerl's subversive personal story notes that bondage is everywhere.