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external lecture


5 public discussions at the Atelier Bouwmeester in Brussels

TH 19.03 2015 — 17:00 landscape
TH 02.04 2015 — 17:00 gentrification
TH 23.04 2015 — 17:00 monument
TH 07.05 2015 — 17:00 public domain/collection
TH 21.05 2015 — 17:00 methodology to scale

The City of Aalst and Netwerk have been selected as one of the five principals for Pilootprojecten Kunst in Opdracht (Pilot Projects Art in Commission) with the theme, Meer dan Object (More than Object).

Five open discussions on the topics of Pilootprojecten Kunst in Opdracht -project: Meer dan Object, on Thursday evenings from 17:00 to 20:00, with expertise, soup and beverages.

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