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neighborhood project


in the neighborhood Aalst Rechteroever

MO 09.12 2013 — SU 26.01 2014

Nikolaas Demoen, A possible journey, 2010

For two months, passers-by near Aalst’s right bank will be surprised to see flashing video artworks in the windows of several shops. Over the years, thanks to numerous artistic projects and collaborations with artists, Netwerk has accumulated a collection of artworks. From this assortment of works, a few videos have been especially selected for VideoRoute, for their ability to engage and stimulate those passing through the neighbourhood.

The full parcours of VideoRoute takes only 10-minutes to complete on foot. The works are on display during the opening hours of the participating merchants. More information about route and the artwork can be found here, on-site or at the reception desk in Netwerk.

Goele De Bruyn
Johan De Wit
Nikolaas Demoen
Lucy Renneboog
Dirk Zoete
Amanda Cardell