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Aifoon / Floris Vanhoof / Machinefabriek / dj Elephant Power / Benne Douselaere

SU 13.05 2012 — 14:00

You don’t like silence? Come with your family to wAves and discover that there is music within noise!
On the Family Sunday fish out your favorite sounds from the Dender, turn the knobs of a self-made synthesizer, experiment with different sounds and make your own music box. From the roof of Netwerk listen to the sounds in the city, or go on a blind date of sound. And don’t forget the thrilling sound collages by Machinefabriek, the deranged music of Floris Vanhoof and the party with DJ Elephant Power.

Do not miss this fun and interactive afternoon!

In collaboration with Aifoon, Netwerk outlined a complete parcours with various activities relating to sound for young and old. The Family Sundays are the last chance to visit the exhibition.