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You Are "Hear"

Black to Comm / Aifoon Orchestra / Wolvrouw

i.c.w. Aifoon

SA 29.05 2010 — 17:00

As part of the exhibition Musik für Barbaren und Klassiker, Aifoon is organising the event You Are "Hear", which is as well a series of workshops with the same name. In the workshops the magic of sound is investigated with a number of elementary school classes from Aalst. After an introductory course about listening and sound experience, each student makes a unique sound collage inspired by imaginary landscapes. Through the sounds the children travel through existing sites around the world (from glaciers to industrial areas to seaports, through caves and deserts to drill platforms and oceans...) and thereafter they are to create their own imaginary place in music. First they track down the appropriate noises, which they also record and combine to form a soundtrack for an imaginary landscape.

On the event, the results from the workshops will be shown along with installations, interpretations and concerts by Black to Comm, Aifoon Orchestra (Jean-Yves Evrard, Bart Maris, Kristof Roseeuw, Timo Van Luijk en Benjamin Dousselaere) and Wolvrouw.

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