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Yuri Landman & Köhn / Tony Buck / Eric Thielemans

SA 21.05 2011 — 18:00

Main theme on the sound event Now! is improvisation, and how improvisation serves as the ultimate language to interact with the visual works presented in the Radical Autonomy exhibition. Just as last year, Netwerk and Aifoon organise a series of workshops in schools involving sound experience and improvisation. Pupils show their skills during the event.

Friday there’s a workshop by Yuri Landman. Landman is a Dutch instrument designer who has built instruments for (among others) Sonic Youth, Liars and Lightning Bolt. In the event Landman improvise with the participants.

Two stars in the improv world, drummer Eric Thielemans & Tony Buck (The Necks) close the evening with a blistering set.

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