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Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans / Yves Bernard / Sonia Si Ahmed / Wim Cuyvers


FR 30.11 2007 — 20:00

doorlopend | tentoonstelling
Bea Albers & Reggy Timmermans - Tourism
Yves Bernard - Martini Ground Zero

8 pm | lecture
Wim Cuyvers Common Places. Quelques tentes, quelques tombes - Kunst & Zwalm 2007
Architect and artist Wim Cuyvers not only questions the organisation of space and landscape, but presents a theoretical and critical reflection concerning the term public space. In a manifest counting 37 propositions he defined the public space as a "common" space, a meeting place, a place where people mix themselves with each other, lose control, a place where people break the law and people are endangered, a functionally useless and an existentially significant spot, a spot which is characterised by vulnerability and poverty, uncertainty and satisfactoriness, need and desire...

Wim Cuyvers, Publieke ruimte - gemene ruimte, s.d.

8 pm | boekpresentatie
Kunst & Zwalm 2007
Kunst & Zwalm 2007, the biennal exhibition of vzw Boem, started in 1997. an important constant is the interaction with the neighbouring landscape: within a period of ten years Kunst & Zwalm developed into a multiform experiment where the intentions of the artists, the inhabitants and the visitors overlap and question each other. The catalog of the jubilee edition 2007 documents the contributions of the seventeen Flemish, French-speaking and German-speaking artists.

9.30 pm | performance
Sonia Si Ahmed Marshmallow (première)