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Pieterjan Ginckels / Justin Bennett / Olivier Stévenart / Mieke Lambrigts / Rik Moens / Karel Breugelmans / Aleksander Komarov


FR 25.01 2008 — 20:00

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Rik Moens / Karel Breugelmans / Aleksander Komarov

continuous | screening
Pieterjan Ginckels Stroboscope
Stroboscope exist out of a fast chain of 666 black and white digital drawings. The 666 unique drawings were drawn as layers on top of each other in Adobe Photoshop, the underlying drawing acts as a background-layer for the next drawing. A white drawing alternates with a black drawing. With Stroboscope Pieterjan Ginckels (BE, 1982) searches in a very personal manner connection with the music -and film world. He exploits his visual work and makes it adaptable to each situation. Earlier Stroboscope was used as real stroboscope lamp on rock-concert. On Event#11 the 666 pictures are compressed in a film of one minute, which is projected in a loop.

continuous | exhibition
Netwerk Museum
The Netwerk museum includes a number of works which artists donated since the start of the gallery. Small and always changing exhibitions were made with this collection in the past. On Event#11 network picks up the thread and shows a few of the works from the Netwerk Museum.

8.30 pm | presentation magazine
Cabinet is an award-winning quarterly magazine of art and culture that confounds expectations of what is typically meant by the words "art," "culture," and sometimes even "magazine." Like the 17th-century cabinet of curiosities which its name alludes, Cabinet is as interested in the margins of culture as its center. Presenting wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary content in each issue through the varied formats of regular columns, essays, interviews, and special artist projects, Cabinet's hybrid sensibility merges the popular appeal of an arts periodical, the visually engaging style of a design magazine, and the in-depth exploration of a scholarly journal. Playful and serious, exuberant and committed, Cabinet's omnivorous appetite for understanding the world makes each of its issues a valuable sourcebook of ideas for a wide range of readers, from artists and designers to scientists and historians. In an age of increasing specialization, Cabinet looks to previous models of the well-rounded thinker to forge a new type of magazine for the intellectually curious reader of the future.

9.15 pm | live soundtrack
Justin Bennett Plays Vertov
Justin Bennett (UK, 1964) is considered to be one of the most important sound artists in the Netherlands. In his work he charts the sounds with which we are surrounded daily. Bennett grew up in the UK, but came to the Netherlands in the late eighties to study sonology at the royal academy in The Hague and a continuation study at the Jan van Eyk academy in Maastricht. He lives and works since then in the Hague and Barcelona. As a sound artist Justin Bennett circulates mostly outside the circuit of museums and galleries. Bennett makes interventions in the public space, exposes at artist initiatives, presents his sound-sculptures within the context of festivals and theatres and continues his work in the form of vinyl, cd's and videos on small editions. During Event#11 he presents a live film-score which accompanies the movie The Man with a Movie Camera, the experimental film icon from 1929 by the Russian director Dziga Vertov.

contiguous | performance
Olivier Stévenart, Technicien de Surface et Ambassadeur pays homage to the popular DJ's and their music.

11 pm | concert
Mieke Lambrigts
Soundartist Mieke Lambrigts works with subtle manipulated recordings and sound-generators. The decoding and recycling of every day sounds form the starting-point for the manipulation and orchestration of recordings. Her Performance consists mainly out building-up, breaking-down and shifting mental spaces. Vulnerability becomes a strength which silences emotions using sound