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The Fuzz Factor

Kjell Bjørgeengen & Keith Rowe / Fire & Ignorance / Activity Center / Frederik De Wilde

FR 13.03 2009 — 20:00

Kjell Bjørgeengen & Keith Rowe
Keith Rowe (UK) is a (legendary) experimental free improvisation guitarist, who also makes use of electronics and a radio to manipulate the sound of his instrument: in his pieces he plays a prepared guitar that lays flat upon a table. Together with Kjell Bjørgeengen he developed an audiovisual improvisation with the title A Zvex line. The piece is based on the wide effects of Zachary Vex 'Fuzz Factory guitar pedal, so the concept is granted fuzzy cosmic dimensions.

Fire & Ignorance
Fire & Ignorance
Fire & Ignorance is a collaboration between Anders Hana (NO) and Morten J. Olsen – who as MoHa! have already played in Netwerk – and artists Idan Hayosh (Il) and Anu Vahtra (EE). Moha! combines raw, extreme guitar noise with energetic drums and extreme sci-fi electronics. Hana and Olsen are part of the adventuresome N-Collective and make up half of the dark noisefreejazzcombo Ultralyd. The artists Hayosh and Vahtra play with lamps and lift the understanding of a light show to a new level. The result is a very intense and energetic audio-visual trip that leaves a long-lasting impression.

Activity Centre
The last twenty years the Berlin musicians Michael Renkel and Burkhard Beine have developed through - the duo Activity Centre - a highly personal musical language. After a long period of having concentrated on the possibilities of acoustic instruments (guitar and percussion) they now mainly use live electronics. In their musical influences are discernable the free improvisation, electro-acoustic music and the click-'n'-cuts movement. Together with musicians such as Axel Dörner, Andrea Neumann and Annette Krebs they are sometimes described as the “New Berlin Reductionism”.

Frederik De Wilde
Starting from the phenomenon of bio-electricity Frederik De Wilde’s *_A Spark from the Darkness makes_ *connections between art, science, technology and society. With image and sound fragments the artist presents an alternative, personal reading of nature and art history, with branches that leads to animal physiology, type-specific communication, life, death, development of bio-mimetic products... in order to return to his original point of departure - bio-electric fish.