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Form Follows F***tion 2

Kasia Korczak / Yvan Derwéduwé / Filip Van Dingenen / Zoo Zero

FR 15.05 2009 — 20:00

Form Follows F *** tion 2 is the second in a new series of events that bring background information to the exhibitions. The program, conceived as an additional platform for three different solo exhibitions, follows angles that are more intuitive than encyclopaedic.

It is notable that each of the three solo exhibitions - though differently - refer to phenomena whose distortion is so manifold that a different, overarching reality is created: a reality with a specific “reverberation”. Regardless of whether it concerns the night-time transformation of the Citadel Park in Ghent (Yvan Derwéduwé), the sweet dream of untouched nature in the world of the zoo (Filip Van Dingenen) or the artistic possibilities of a trans-national mythical thinking (Slavs and Tatars); these phenomena do not exist without the distorting incentives of unspoken codes, dreams or principles. For this reason the artists want more than simply spinning the myth. The common title Form Follows F *** tion 2 refers to the critical research that they perform in order to map out the vital branches of the above phenomena, without the subjective “reverb” being fully filtered away.

The program includes a general introduction, lectures on the work of Slavs and Tatars, Yvan Derwéduwé and Filip Van Dingenen. The evening ends with a screening of film and video work, composed in collaboration with the artists