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Fin De Saison

Ronny Heiremans & Katleen Vermeir \ Maria Degrève \ Basketball \ DJ /rupture & Andy Moor \ Teeth Mountain \ Tupolev Sound Crash

SA 13.06 2009 — 20:30

Netwerk closes out the season with not just a finissage: “a fantastic closing” comes closer.

Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans The Good Life
The artist duo launched the proposal to expand areas of the Arnolfini Art Centre in Bristol and to build generous luxury flats. The idea grew into a collective project involving, among others, 51N4E, Justin Bennett, Amir Borenstein and Pierre Huyghebaert. For this project, The Good Life entails a film and a publication, which for the occasion was realised as a lifestyle magazine.

Maria Degrève I Am Fine
Performers know that humming can be stopped by gradually speaking more and more softly. Maria Degrève explores the tragi-comic dimension of this during an intimate performance that introduces the semi-public space of an arts centre. She assumes the guise of an “invisible” artist, who gradually becomes a “missing body” between the audience.

Basketball (CA)
Basketball is an energetic three piece driven by live electronics, spirited vocals, and massive percussion that grows into pulsating dance beats. From Tome's vocals in his native tongues, Croatian and English, to the Persian scales, to the gypsy-esque spirit, Basketball exists amongst a history of music played on street corners and at celebrations around the world.

Teeth Mountain (US)
The Baltimore-based group Teeth Mountain consists of three drummers, a bassist / cellist and a guitarist / violinist / sampler who collectively create primitive, exhilarating, poly rhythmic, organic tribal drones that are impossible to sit still through. Can meets Burning Star Core.

Teeth Mountain Live

DJ /rupture + Andy Moor (The Ex) (US / NL)
This project brings together two seemingly incompatible worlds: guitarist Andy Moor of the free rock combo The Ex, and DJ rupture, specializing in cross-border beats. It provides a successful and exciting encounter between sampling, electronics and guitar. Dubstep advanced.

Andy Moore was subject to the monthly 'soundcheck' by The Wire:

DJ Set
Tupolev Sound Crash (BE)
The Brussels-based Tupolev Sound Crash lets feelings simmer in a hot tropical soup of genres without boundaries.--

DJ set
DJ /rupture (US)*
DJ rupture, aka Jace Clayton, as his custom, mixes dozens of styles together into a bold and entirely danceable concoction.