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solo exhibition

Effi & Amir


SA 29.11 2008 — SA 24.01 2009
SA 29.11 2008 — 20:30 Opening night
SA 29.11 2008 — 21:00 Transhumances

Effi & Amir OMG
Effi & Amir's (Effi Weiss, °1971, and Amir Borenstein, °1969; live en work in Brussels) works take as a starting point a specific place, a historical fact or a personal occurrence. The artists develop an actual incident into an imaginary momentum, giving room to dreaming and the surreal.

Transhumances 21:00
During the opening night, Effi & Amir present the video and sound performance Transhumances, developed for a composition by Stephan Dunckelman.