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Invasion of the Body Snatchers / Forcefield video's

De Kijkdichtheid van de Hemel

TU 12.01 2010 — 20:30

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Philip Kaufman)
1978 115' dvd

Strange things are happening in Santa Mira, California: People come to Dr. McCarthy and claim that their partner, father, mother or child is not behaving normally, but later return to claim that they had been mistaken. McCarthy becomes thoroughly baffled when he enters his fiancée, Wynter’s, basement and finds a corpse that resembles her. He soon discovers the solution: "pods" of unknown origin that take on the shape and personality of people while they sleep.

Forcefield is an artist collective from Fort Thunder in Providence, US (1996-2003). They do performances, make installations, play music (including a split 7 "with Lightning Bolt” on Load Records), graphics and videos. Their rough-finished videos are made with analogue signal processors and broken electronics, and are characterised by hyper-kinetic editing and soundtracks with distorted electronics. The members, with bizarre names like P Lobe, Meerk Puffy, Gorgon Radeo and Le Give, appear in homemade costumes, sometimes funny, sometimes threatening. Post-nuclear waste, between neo-primitive and futuristic.

Video I
1996, 2:20 min, color, sound
Video I appears to be a short story without resolution. We are given the following disparate clues: A repetitive, static-like noise; flashing portraits of a stuffed, chattering robot; overlapping, abstract animations; and images of walking and tapping knit booties.

Video II
1996, 2:10 min, color, sound
In Video II, three shrouded, hypnotically bobbing characters are animated by a continuously rolling moon, abstract flashing blobs, and a repetitive electronic soundtrack. They then scatter from one end of the screen to the other.

The Sad Robot
1996, 2:08 min, color, sound
In The Sad Robot a friendly-looking robot is struck by a laser in a field.

Video III
2000, 10:44 min, color, sound
Video III combines glimpses of a frenzied, cultish congregation, sketches reminiscent of a children's TV program, and a rich, noisy electronic soundtrack.