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You Are Here

deepblue / Jean Bernard Koeman / Netwerk Museum

+ guided tour / new year reception

FR 09.01 2009 — 20:00
deepblue you are hereperformance
A theatre space is full of possibilities. Some of those are used in the past, others will be used in the future, while so many will stay an idea, or a never released concept. In you are here deepblue examines how we can create a memory for these possibilities.
From: Heine R. Avdal, Christoph De Boeck, Yukiko Shinozaki
Jean Bernard Koeman Everything Beautiful is Far Awaybook presentation
Everything Beautiful is Far Away arose from a co-operation between visual artist Jean Bernard Koeman and sinologist Els Sivrants. The book is a collection of images of lonely, far away landscapes, which Koeman has photographed. The images became as such a documentary of his ever continuous Wanderlust. The essays focus on how the landscape hides scars and how it becomes as such an accessary of the introspective traveller. On this event the book will be presented in an interview with Koeman.
Everything Beautiful is Far Away, published by Timezone 8. Essays by Carol Lu, Els Silvrants, design: Xie Wenyue
Guided Tour
In the exhibition of Freek Wambacq, Effi & Amir and Ran Slavin.
Netwerk Museum
The Netwerk museum includes a number of works which artists donated since the start of the gallery. Small and always changing exhibitions were made with this collection in the past.
New Year Reception